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  1. ...A blog about technology, how original(not)!
  2. You're doing it wrong! (Recruiter Edition)
  3. Xamarin For Android The Good: (Part 1 of 4)
  4. Xamarin For Android The Bad: (Part 2 of 4)
  5. Xamarin For Android The Ugly: (Part 3 of 4)
  6. Xamarin For Android The Conclusion: (Part 4 of 4)
  7. You're doing it wrong (software testing)
  8. Parsing, and Nesting Models in backbone.js
  9. Providing feedback (without being an asshole)...
  10. iPhone or Android (From a guy living with both)
  11. Setting up robots.txt for your ghost powered blog
  12. Installing NodeBB on CentOS 6.5
  13. Receiving feedback (without being an asshole)...
  14. Abstracting Xamarin Android SharedPreferences
  15. Admob with Xamarin Android Part 1: BannerAd
  16. Admob with Xamarin Android Part 2: InterstitialAd
  17. You hired adults, not children
  18. Capturing Client Side JavaScript Errors
  19. Getting SquishIt to work with Nancyfx and Razor (...and other static content issues)
  20. Custom error pages in Nancyfx (C# Web Framework)
  21. Value types vs Reference Types in C#
  22. Must have tool: LinqPad
  23. ChromeOS: Gateway to portable productivity
  24. Watching the Watchers: Monitorama PDX 2014 Day One
  25. Watching the Watchers: Monitorama PDX 2014 Day Two
  26. Must Have Tool: NDepend
  27. Anti-Forgery Tokens in NancyFX with Razor
  28. Excel Interop cannot open my file!
  29. Using Action<>, Func<> to hide using statements
  30. Binding SSL Certs on Windows Installer XML (WiX) deployed Web Applications
  31. New Series: Windows myths debunked!
  32. Mono, not just a sickness
  33. Working with Entity framework (Code First)
  34. Hosting NancyFx with OWIN on IIS
  35. Using Bower with a traditional MVC.NET app (While thinking about vNext).
  36. Tip Badges in ghost
  37. Why I love bitbucket, and why I (almost) never use it.
  38. VS 2015, Getting Resharper Experience Without Resharper
  39. Saying goodbye to my VPS (..and my opinions of cloud providers)
  40. Navigating the JavaScript waters in 2015
  41. Razor Websites, lightweight C# web coding
  42. Avoid the Godclass
  43. Fixing: Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Dnx.Host.Clr'
  44. Drastically altering view behaviors using custom DisplayFor templates C# MVC
  45. How .ToLookup() Saved me 4 hours a week, and got me some high praise from my boss
  46. Less Pager duty, more Yak duty. My (Strange) DevOps (rant) story.
  47. c++, when should I use the stack or heap?
  48. Why I avoid switch statements in c++
  49. Moving from beta 7 to beta 8 in ASP.NET 5 (MVC 6)
  50. Wiring up client side logs into c#/node.js logging frameworks
  51. Securing AWS Elasticsearch Service with .NET NEST API (and why I love open source)
  52. How the ASP.NET team made the web framework I have always wanted
  53. Why I moved from Ghost to Hexo
  54. Hosting hexo in azure webapps
  55. Migrating Ghost blog to hexo
  56. Just got a Nexus 5x
  57. Bringing configuration management to the underconfigured
  58. Commiting a new file to git, through the github api
  59. The wix toolset tl;dr
  60. Fixing your build after updating all nuget packages
  61. Announcing gulp-nuget-restore
  62. Bringin' turbolinks to .net
  63. Use dotnet rc2 with appveyor
  64. Dockerize that old webforms app
  65. Parsing cli arguments in dotnet core Console App
  66. StatsN a modern statsd client for dotnet core, and dotnet 4.5
  67. Getting started with docker containers
  68. Making a minimal webapp with dotnet core
  69. VS 2017, and dotnet core tools. Today will be a historic day
  70. Exploring the dotnet cli
  71. Making alexa skills in .net
  72. Visual Studio 2017, best extensions on launch
  73. Precompiling razor views in dotnet core
  74. Building dotnet core apps, and packages with gulp
  75. Taking time away
  76. Working with docker on windows 7, 8
  77. Writing an animated flyout hamburger menu
  78. Managing and catering events
  79. Creating a slack slash command with 0 code using Azure Logic Apps
  80. The battle of the bulge. Visualizing your javascript bundle
  81. Deploying a react app to azure blob storage websites with azure devops
  82. Measuring, Visualizing and Debugging your React Redux Reselect performance bottlenecks
  83. Rebuilding this blog for performance
  84. Compressing images with tinypng's CLI
  85. Must have vscode plugins for front-end devs
  86. 5 web perf tips for 2019
  87. Accessibility Driven Development
  88. Hosting dotnet core on Heroku
  89. Optimizing heroku's node_module cache for JS monorepos
  90. Building a remote cache server for Turborepo
  91. Hosting Craft CMS on Heroku
  92. How to host a javascript monorepo on Heroku
  93. Serving AMP Pages with Dotnet Core
  94. Dynamically changing the site-theme meta tag
  95. Speeding up CraftCMS on Heroku
  96. Building attractive CLIs in TypeScript